Price and payments

Exchange and refunds

You have a right to:

  1. Use the Service in accordance with the Terms.

  2. Verify the status of the tickets currently in use or money loaded on a card medium.

  3. Exercise personal data related rights described in our personal data processing and cookie policy, that can be found here.

You are obliged to:

  1. Carry along a valid document, Tickets or Cards for your right to travel.

  2. validate Tickets or Cards after each entry into the public transportation. You acknowledge that only correct validation enforces your right to travel.

  3. Check the validity of the validation, which will be signalled by an acoustic signal or the text appearing on the display of the validator.

  4. Provide accurate data about you and to update the data immediately when necessary.

  5. Avoid the activities, which could have a direct negative impact, including but not limited to impact on disruptions of the Service or the Applications, including illegal access to the servers relating to the Service provided in the Applications.

  6. Not to interfere in any way with the proper working and technical solutions of our Service Application.

  7. Avoid the monitoring of the Service usage and copying, reproducing, altering, using and publishing such data results on any purposes is prohibited.

  8. Avoid any action that imposes an unreasonably large load or hinders in any other way the proper Service provision or functioning of Applications, is prohibited.

  9. Use the Applications only if the security measures of your computer system ensure safe execution of operations in the Application, without disclosing any data to third parties.

  10. Regularly review and get familiar with the updated Terms.

We have a right to:

  1. Restrict or terminate the provision of the Service to you without a prior notice, if your actions constitute a threat to the functioning of the Applications or restrict possibilities of other persons to use our Service in the Applications or in other cases specified in legal acts.

  2. Temporarily suspend or discontinue activities of the Applications without a prior notice in the event of critical circumstances.

We are obliged to:

  1. Provide all infortation to you for proper use of the Application relating to Tickets and Cards including but not limited to registration in the environment for registered customers, use of Tickets and Cards.

  2. Provide information to you on charges, prices or other relevant details of the Service in the Application by phone, e-mail or a notification in the Application.




Final provisions




Your personal data

  1. Identification data such as your name, your identification code, your date of birth, data regarding your identification documents (such as copy of the passport, ID card).

  2. Contact data such as your address, your telephone number, your email address, your accounts, your language of communication.

  3. Location data such as Ticket’s or Card’s validation time, line.

  4. Data obtained from public registers such as place of residency from Population Register, Education Information System.

  5. Data obtained and/or created while performing an obligation arising from law such as data resulting from enquiries made by bodies, agencies, or other public persons.

Purposes and basis of processing your personal data

  1. Manage relations with you in general and provide and administrate your access to the Service, such as (a) to conclude and execute Service related transactions with you; or (b) keeping your personal data updated and correct by verifying your personal data through external sources; or (c) in order to take steps at your request.

  2. Verify the travelling right including to (a) determine the validity of Tickets or Cards, and (b) to resolve any related validation disputes.

  3. Examine the quality of Services in order to understand how useful the Service is and how to improve it, and for the purpose of providing proof of the Service related transactions or of other business communication (recorded conversations) for the purpose of performance of the Service or in order to take steps prior to offering the Service.

  4. Comply with any other legal rights, such as to establish, exercise, assignments and defend legal claims based, and obligations, such as legally binding enquiries made by bodies, agencies, or other public persons, we may have.

Browsing statistics, logs and cookies

Disclosure of your personal data

  1. To our employees who are responsible for (a) contacting you; or (b) analysing your personal data; or (c) improving our Applications; or (d) other activities directly related to Services.

  2. To our third-party service providers, including information technology service providers, auditing firms and others, as far as necessary to manage our Services.

Preservation of your personal data

Your rights

  1. To obtain information on whether we are processing your personal data and to require access to your personal data in written or commonly used electronical format and, were feasible, transmit such data to another service provider (data portability). You acknowledge that we may demand reasonable fees for such data access and transmission.

  2. To require rectification of your personal data if it is inadequate, incomplete or incorrect.

  3. To require erasure of your personal data. With exercising this right you acknowledge, that we are no longer able to offer Services after erasure of your personal data. If your personal data is erased at your request, we will only retain such copies of the information as are necessary to protect ours or third-party legitimate interests, comply with applicable legislation or governmental orders, resolve disputes and problems, or enforce any agreement you have entered into with us.

  4. To object, to restrict or to withdraw consent to processing of your personal data, where applicable. With exercising this right you acknowledge, that we are no longer able to offer Services after erasure of your personal data.


Version: 07.06.2019